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| Japanese and Western buffet breakfast offering locally produced and consumed Kyoto gourmet food |

We offer an original menu unique to Kyoto using local ingredients such as Kyoto vegetables directly from the Kyoto Central Market, Kyoto pickles, and eggs produced in Kyoto.

In addition to Japanese food such as the standard "Obanzai", the restaurant offers a wide variety of breads and a Western menu including daily pasta and creative dishes.

Scene of a meal

Regular Menu

| Obanzai |

Side dishes prepared on a daily basis in Kyoto households are called "Obanzai".

Obanzai, which mainly consists of seasonal vegetables, are prepared by boiling, simmering, or dressing, and are gentle on the body and nutritionally balanced. At our hotel, we serve them in small bowls and the contents change daily so that our guests can enjoy them as much as possible.

Photo of Obanzai

| Nishikari's Kyoto Tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables) |

Kyoto's climate, with its large seasonal and daily temperature differences, is well suited for vegetable cultivation, and "kyo yasai" (Kyoto vegetables) are famous for their high quality.
Also, historically, Kyoto was a region where vegetarian cuisine of temples and shrines developed, and "Kyoto pickles" became a representative food of Kyoto in terms of quality and culture.

The hotel offers pickles from "Nishiri, Kyoto Tsukemono" a long-established pickle store established in 1940. Please enjoy the elegant aroma, color, and taste made from traditional techniques.

Photo of Kyoto Pickles

| Dashi-Chazuke (Rice in green tea) |

Homemade broth(Japanese Dashi) for chazuke is available.

In addition to the regular toppings such as mitsuba and chopped yuzu, it is a secretly popular menu item because it can be arranged in a variety of ways, such as with grilled fish (mackerel grilled with salt, teriyaki, or saikyo miso dipping sauce) provided in a small bowl, or served with obanzai or "Kyoto Tsukemono" from Nishiri.

Photo of Dashi-Chazuke

| Chinese Gayu with Kyoto Vegetables |

Chinese-flavored porridge made with seasonal Kyoto vegetables.

It is a healthy and elegant dish that combines the crunchiness, flavor, and aroma of vegetables in just the right amount.
It goes well with obanzai and pickles, and some people also enjoy it with their favorite condiments.

Photo of Chinese Gayu with Kyoto Vegetables

Daily Menu

| Daily Noodles |

As is typical of Kyoto, which offers a wide variety of gourmet foods from Japanese to Chinese to fast food, noodles are also offered with a different flavor each day.

From Kyoto-style dishes such as the "Kyoto-style Ankake Udon" and "Kamo Nanban Soba" (pictured above) to "Soy Milk Tantanmen", guests staying for consecutive nights can enjoy a variety of dishes each day.

Photo of Kyoto-style Ankake Udon

| Kyoto egg dishes |

We offer a variety of dishes using Kyoto eggs, from simple egg dishes to creative menus combined with Kyoto vegetables, which change daily.

The menu includes fried eggs, French toast, Spanish omelette with kujo leeks, and pizza toast topped with kyo yasai vegetables.

Photo of Kyoto egg dishes

| Seasonal Western-style small bowl |

In addition to Obanzai and Japanese dishes, Western dishes are also available with a small bowl menu that changes daily.

Please enjoy our various seasonal menus such as "Seafood Ceviche" (for picture), "Roasted Duck" and "Fritter of Hamo with Shibazuke Tartar Sauce".

Photo of Seafood Ceviche

Venue Information

Venue1F「VISTA Cafe」
Opening Hours7:00-10:00 (L.O. 9:30)
Price1,815 yen (tax included, elementary school students and older) preschoolers free

The spacious restaurant is equipped with counter seats, tables, and sofas, allowing you to enjoy your breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere, whether you are alone or with several people. Please spend a pleasant moment at the beginning of the day.

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A woman enjoying breakfast