The hotel is a 5-minute walk from Municipal Subway "Kyoto City Hall" station, Hankyu Railway "Kyoto Kawaramachi" Station, Keihan Train "Sanjo" Station. It is located in the west of Kawaramachi which is the center of bustling Kyoto.

Guest room which emphasizes functionality is popular among customers of a wide range of nationality. Based on Western-style rooms, Kyoto's traditional culture such as Yukimi Shoji and Japanese style lighting has been incorporated.

About Hotel Vista Premio Kyoto [Kawaramachi St.]

The hotel is located west of Kawaramachi, the bustling center of Kyoto.
If you leave the hotel and turn your foot from west to south, you will reach Nishiki Market, also known as "Kyoto's Kitchen," in a 5-minute walk through Shinkyogoku Shopping Street.

On the other hand, from the hotel to the east, passing through the Takase River, you will find the Kamo River and Sanjo Ohashi Bridge, which are famous for their Nouryou-Yuka.
In addition, heading south, Pontocho, Shijo Ohashi, and Gion are all within walking distance from the hotel.


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